CDE superstar vlog 5 What is it, how do you run and calming your tits12:04

CDE superstar vlog 5 What is it, how do you run and calming your tits

The CDE Superstar is a yearly event held by the staff to pick the members who outstanded the most through the year in different categories such as:

 *Most Talented Artist

  • Amazing Author
  • CDE Queen
  • CDE King

And many others.

1st PhaseEdit

In this phase, you nominate yourself in the available categories and promote yourself through CDE Superstar Blogs in the Superstar category or through other interactive means such as comments or regular blogs. You can nominate yourself for more than one category.

2nd PhaseEdit

Here it's revealed 4 finalists in each category. If you've nominated yourself in more than one category, the staff will only count you in the category you have the most votes. Users vote for their favourite finalists and wait for the results.

3rd PhaseEdit

The members who got the most votes are the winners in their respective category. They get a Superstar badge for their profile labelled with their winning category, 10$ in CDE credits to spend mainly on Premium Goodies Packs, among other prizes.

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