CDE user blogs are created by going under the community sections and clicking blogs. Blogs are a way of expression. Say anything, a random topic, get yourself into the CDE community. It's a great way to make friends! Just keep your blogs and comments appropriate. You can also click on other user's blog which should be located on the right under the recent items, in just about any page other than profiles. You can comment, "love" or "leave" anyone's blog.

Market Place BlogsEdit

Market place blogs are catagorized when you click "Yes" on is this blogs about items? In the Market Place section you can write about trading, selling, looking for, giving away, your store and anything else doing with buying/selling/trading items. Please note, people don't really write anything in them, and don't usually comment.

Normal BlogsEdit

Normal Blogs can be just about anything as long as they are appropriate, and user friendly. Normal Blogs are catagorized when you click "No" on is this blogs about items. 

Blog ThemesEdit

Blog Themes are blogs with themes. It can be accessed through going clicking on blogs, and clicking "blog themes" each day of the week has it's own theme, which is constantly repeated each and every week, with the exception of Thursday. the themes include:

  • Music Monday
  • Tuesday Ten
  • Writing Wednesday
  • Funny Friday
  • Saturday Smiles
  • Secret Sunday
  • Note Thursday has no repeated theme, and it has a random theme each and every week.

Blog themes appear purple on non-updated pages on CDE. The blogs are most likely going to be deleted if they are not relevant to the theme, though, people have gotten away with it. And there is no use to doing so since the blogs don't turn purple on the updated site.