The CDE mall is a place where you can spend your Cartoon Dollars on awesome avatar items and so much more! There are several stores, and this artical will explain each one and what you can buy there.

CDE mall stores-Edit

  • Fashion Place
  • Bling Bling store
  • The Hair Parlor
  • Beauty and Beyond
  • Furniture Store
  • Backround Shoppe
  • The Flair Item Store
  • Rare Item store
  • The Bakery
  • The Grocery store

The Fashion PlaceEdit

L fashion

The fashion place is a store where you can buy avatar clothing, to acess this store, go to the left side of your profile page and under "Stores" roll your mouse over it and a pull out menue will appear, click on "Fashion Place" and then it will take you to the store.

The Bling Bling store and the Hair ParlorEdit

L bling

The Bling Bling store is a place where you can buy avatar backrounds, acessories (such as earings, headbangs etc.) and tons more! And the Hair parlor is a place where you can buy avatar jair for a super cheap price! You can acess these stores the same way you acess the Fashion place

Beauty and Beyond and The furniture StoreEdit

L beauty

Beauty and beyond is a place where you can buy avatar faces for super cheap!!

And the furniture store is a place where you can buy furniture for your avatar room. You can acess these stores the same way you acess the other stores

Backround Shoppe and flair item storeEdit

L flair

Backround shoppe is where you buy backrounds for you profile! Just hit the edit button and post your backround! And the flair items are stickers and profile animations for your profile!

Rare item, Bakery and Grocery storeEdit

L bakery

Rare items are for PPMs only! they are very limited so if your a PPM, get them quick! Bakery items are treats that you can send to your friends! And gracery store items you buy for the CDE cooking challange game!

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