The CDE treasure chest is a weekly activity all MyCDE users can participate in!

CDE treasure chest-Edit

The CDE treasure chest is open every Friday. Every Friday, the CDE staff put out items such as rares, PGs, or exclusives for a limited time, lets say a rare item is set out from 9:00am-12:00pm. Then all users are able to collect that rare item in that time limit. After 12:00pm that rare would no longer be available. Regularly, only PPMs are able to collect rare items, but the CDE treasure chest allows ALL members to have a chance at getting rares, PGs etc......All members have an equal chance of getting the item that was set out. Sometimes there are only 30 of the items that are availible and sometimes the item is unlimited in quantity.

Tresure Chest location-Edit

The treasure chest can be found at the bottom, left side of the screen under, "stores".