If your interested in learning about PPM memberships...this is the artical you should be reading xD

What a PPM is-Edit

A PPM is a paid Membership on MyCDE! There are 3 different payment options to chose from and I will describe them for you-

1st one- Premium Princess Member costs 6.99 per month, the benifits are amazing and they are- 250 FREE cartoon dollars, 1 month acess to all PPM Perks and a PPM badge for your profile.

2nd one- Platinum Princess Member costs 24.99 per month and like a premium member, this one has amazing benifits too, and they are- 1000 FREE cartoon dollars, 4 month acess to all PPM perks, and a Platinum princess badge for your profile.

3rd one- The Diamond Princess member costs 64.99 per month and the benifits to this one are out of this world! They are- 4000 FREE cartoon Dollars, 6 month acess to all PPM perks and a Diamond Princess Memeber bage for your profile

PPM perks-Edit

Every Paid member has their perks, these 3 happen to have some, and they are-

  • Acess to rare items in the Rare item store
  • 250-4000 cds every month you are a paid member
  • Premium members have their blogs turned yellow which will attrach more members to reading you blog(s)
  • Platinum members have yellow blogs also, which will attract members too
  • Diamond members have Pink blogs which will definatly attract members to read you blog(s)
  • Exclusive Chun items that no one else can get!
  • And a whole page full of PPM perks you can visit!